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Congratulations on your little miracle! It’s such an exciting time and you probably can’t wait to know what bub looks like, who they take after, their smile, facial features, how they react to your voice and what they’re getting up to when you feel those tumbles, kicks and turns.


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Jelly Bean 3D Baby Imaging, located at the Greenslopes Hospital, combines cutting-edge technology and qualified medical sonographers within a private environment so that you and your family and friends can meet and bond with your unborn baby!

View your baby in real time and have photos and videos to treasure during your 2D, 3D and 4D ultrasound. We use the latest technology to ensure we pick up every little detail, meaning you can see your baby in the clearest most high-definition way possible.

See your baby in real time!

Bring your partner, family and loved ones along to meet your little one in a 20 or 30-minute ultrasound session.

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